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Our technology overcomes your challenges

To achieve fast, pinpoint, reliable and accurate

focusing, locking and tracking under any lighting conditions, including in dim light and with low contrast subjects, without the need for supplementary lighting.

To achieve simultaneous

automatic target focusing, target locking and target tracking.

To achieve direct and precise on-optical or off-optical

axis focusing, locking and tracking, on any chosen point on stationery or moving object that is in the optical device’s field of view.

To achieve constant focusing

without experiencing back focusing and focus hunting, and without resorting to recomposing procedures.

What is the basis of REY’s technology?

  • The proprietary technology is based on algorithms that analyze the vectorial properties of the special distance and angle with reference to the optical axis of the device’s lens to any desired focus point on an object.
  • Advanced proprietary software that identifies and tracks the movement of the desired object, constantly corrects the focus of the optical device, and is capable of controlling the movement of the whole optical device.
  • REY’s technology achieves a direct focus on any point in the frame space and is not dependent on the lighting conditions or on the subject's contrast.
  • The technology is also effective in situations where both the target and the device are moving.

Who can benefit from REY's technology?

Photography Sector

Movies – video, digital broadcasting and cinematography.

Stills – DSLR, mirrorless and cellular cameras.

Optical systems – civilian and military systems for security, surveillance and tracking.

Robotics Sector
Robotics Sector

Industrial robots.

Independent robots (military, search and rescue, service).

Autonomous vehicles – land and air.

Specialized requirements – remote medical devices and surgical robots.


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Implementing the technology in your optical device

REY’s system implements three main components: the rangefinder, the system’s operating mechanism, and the AI (Artificial Intelligence) control software.
REY’s operating system aims the rangefinder at any chosen point in the field of view and the system ascertains the object’s vectorial location (distance and angle).

The control software algorithm analyzes and interprets this information, enabling the system to simultaneously coordinate the operation and control of the device’s lens, the systems operating mechanism, and the motion of the whole optical device.

The overall implementation ensures that the optical device continuously achieves the required focusing, focus tracking and target locking.




Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept

REY’s technology has been successfully demonstrated employing an engineering prototype of the system operated through a PC.

The demonstration proved the system’s capabilities to achieve focusing on any freely chosen point in the field of view of the camera under various conditions, including dim lighting and low contrast. 



A patent covering the REY Focusing technology has been granted in the USA and Japan.

A further patent extending the use of the technology for real-time automatic focusing, locking and tracking has been submitted.


Eng. Yitzhak Canetti - Inventor

Inventor of REY’s technology and founder of the company REY Focusing Ltd.
BSc in Electronic Engineering from the TechnionHaifa Israel.
One of the leading professional photographers in Israel in fashion and advertising  photography.

Jacob Fass - Vice President

A former ambassador of Israel in Taiwan, served as the Economic attache on behalf of the Ministry of Economy in Japan and several European countries with vast experience in bilateral commercial relations.

Ofer Bar-Nes - Vice President

One of the founding board members of REY Focusing LTD.
Has BA (Hons) Degree in Business Studies, served a board member on several Start-Up companies, in the Dental and IT sector,  as well as publicly traded companies.

Dr. Gil Pogozelich - Chairman

An entrepreneur and promoter with over 20 years of experience in leading successful technology startups and management of complex development teams in algorithms and engineering.


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